Industrial Effluent Water Treatment Chemical Industrial Effluent Water Treatment Chemical Industrial Effluent Water Treatment Chemical Industrial Effluent Water Treatment Chemical
Industrial Effluent Water Treatment Chemical
Industrial Effluent Water Treatment Chemical Industrial Effluent Water Treatment Chemical Industrial Effluent Water Treatment Chemical

Industrial Effluent Water Treatment Chemical

Product Details:


Product Description

There is no require to utilize many chemical compounds for effluents. This kind of agent is the result of our dedicated & continuous efforts. It is capable of treating industrial effluent and waste water effectively.
First time ever with a latest technique a chemical is formulated which can treat nearly all kinds of effluent water.

Useful for

  • STP: Sewage water treatment
  • ETP: Industrial effluent water treatment

What is Gordinak, and Why it is essential.
The Unique Industrial Effluent Water Treatment Chemical is composed to remove harmful and unwanted chemicals from waste water. This kind of water treatment agent has sturdy construction and is admired in the market for great resistance to rust/corrosion.
Rigorous quality policies are implemented while formulating this chemical. It is meticulously examined by expert quality analysts so as to ensure its accordance with global norms & standards. Acknowledged for efficient functioning, this is extensively utilized in many industrial sectors such as Textile, Storage batteries, chemicals, Marine Boilers, pharmaceuticals, Pulp & Paper Industry, rayon production industry, swimming pools, locomotive boilers, tanning & leather industries, fermentation industries, power plant and enamel industry.

These chemical are basically used for environment protection by removing all the harmful chemicals without harming the nature. Our chemical can be customized as per the requirement of our clients.

The Industrial Effluent Treatment Chemical, fabricated with quality materials and compounds, incorporates ultra-advanced water treatment methods to treat waste water of industries. Also, we indulge in various Research & Development works so as to provide our patrons with upgraded & improved series of water treatment products.

Also, it can be custom-made to accommodate particular client applications.

The offered array of Unique Industrial Effluent Water Treatment Chemicals is a perfect option for environment protection, which removes all sort of harmful chemicals without damaging the nature. Moreover, these are appropriately analyzed on the basis of corrosion resistance and robust construction in order to ensure its accordance with the industry norms.
We are providing these Chemicals in varied array & specifications by keeping in mind the nature of effluent in India as well as exact needs of patrons. These are used all over the globe in diverse industries because of their maximum efficiency and optimum quality. Also, our products are provided in safe & protective packaging and at moderate prices.

The key parameters reduced / covered / precipitated by this kind of product are:

Chemical Oxygen Demand


Biological Oxygen Demand


Total Suspended Solids


Total Dissolve Solid


Potassium Cyanide decomposition


Oil Grease reduction


Total Microbial Load


Oil & grease reduction


The Product: The offered product is to be formulated and composed, at site while dosing, from two precursors (activator & base).
The chemical mixture after blending of 2 precursors passively reacts with organic & inorganic matters of water.

How it works: At the beginning it begins performing at acidic pH and thereafter gradually pH is restored back to impartial within few minutes of diluting in water.


  • Excellent performance and easy application
  • Consistency & Optimum quality
  • Sturdy and longer functional life

Major Advantages:

  • This chemical can be applied efficiently in the replacement of Chlorine Gas, which is utilized for water disinfection.
  • Water disinfection by chlorine gas leaves behind HAAs / trihalomethane by-products, which are carcinogenic.
  • No Noxious By - Products are constituted by GORDINAK.
  • It imparts an extra advantage by eliminating dissolved impurities, reduced turbidity, better coagulation, improved particulate colloidal or suspended contents removal, etc.
  • Waste water may contain Ammonia, and toxic phenolic compounds, which are neutralised by this kind of chemical.
  • Precipitates impurities such as Nitrites, Nitrates, Sulphur, Manganese, Magnesium salts, Iron compounds, etc. without building any toxic substances or precursors to toxic by-products like chlorine.
  • Product breaks up in water within 300 minutes. Leaving No clue of hazardous by-products.
  • Oxidizes odour producing microbes, hence controlling & eliminating unpleasant smell from water.
  • It makes dirty or sewage water odourless and colourless (above 500ppm dosage).
  • Water treated with such compounds can be consumed by animals and humans after 5 to 6 hours of treatment without any hazardous or harmful effects.

Product preparation & details of doses :

  • Add activator & base in the provide proportion in an polymer container only.
  • Don't use metal container or any other metal made article for dosing or mixing of chemical.

Physical & chemical properties of final product:

  • Form: Liquid
  • Colour of Final product: Light green to yellow after dosing of precursors.
  • pH: Varies from two (immediate after formulating) to seven after few minutes
  • Toxicity: Non-Toxic to animals, humans, aquatic animals, and Plants.
  • Freezing Point: - 4 c
  • Boiling Point: 105c
  • Density: 1.2 to 1.3

Name Of Precursors:

  • Key product - Base - termed as B
  • Activator to major product - Activator - termed as A
  • Ratios of dosing / mixing - Base & Activator - B: A - 1: 3 & 1:5. (one part volume-wise base & 3/5 parts volume wise activator).
  • After blending activator & base, leave the blend for 1 minute to 7 minute, and thereafter mix the end product in the water. proportion 1: 3 , will leave end product for longer period of time in the treated specimen, whereas the ratio 1:5 will react quicker on the matters and disintegrates sooner. Dosage is dependent on the impurity level of water to be treated.

Other Details:

  • Base & Activator will be delivered in separate Jars or carboys of capacity 35 / 70 liters.
  • Dosages are in very little quantity.
  • Microscopic as well as Laboratory analysis are must for examining the changes in parameters of specimen treated.
  • MSDS will be provided on firm order only.
  • Specimen base 5 ml & activator 25 ml FOC can be made accessible.
  • Ready to use product is a little bit corrosive but non-harmful.
  • Base & activator separately are also Non-hazardous and safe to handle.

Shipping: By road transport within 21 days of receiving confirmed order.

Packing: The product is made available in standard packing of 35 & 210 ltrs (blue or black plastic made carboys). Also, Non standard pickings are accessible with additional cost. Activator "A" is independent with Base "B".

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