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Oskara Chemical
Oskara Chemical Oskara Chemical Oskara Chemical Oskara Chemical

Oskara Chemical

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  • 50 Liter

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  • 100 Liter Per Week
  • 1 Week

Product Description

Introduction: In industrial atmosphere water plays an important role in running of all kind of industries. The utilization of water in cooling-towers/ boilers / heat exchangers is a common practice. Owing to the constant water consumption the metal surface of the heat exchangers, condensers, boilers, and metal built pipelines get adhered with the carbonate scales of magnesium & calcium from water.

The water source in the industries from varied places which are rich with solid minerals, and are not variable. These are baked on the hitting surfaces of the equipments' parts coming in contact with the water. Resulting in decreased efficiency ratio of the machinery.

Therefore regular cleaning of this kind of backed scale becomes necessary to keep up the efficiency and protecting the machinery from rust and varied other hazards, which is legal need of Boilers inspector and Industrial Health & Safety Department also. Moreover, a periodic requirement of cleaning the scales is suggested to achieve the power economy, fuel economy, and excellent production in time.

There are varied descalents accessible in the market, whose descaling reactions could be dangerous to the part of machinery because they are not capable of preventing metal erosion. Being OSKARA Herbal in nature they have corrosive characteristic.

About OSKARA Organic De-Scalent:

This is an Organic descalent extracted from varied roots & plants and cultured under particular condition so as to meet the need of descaling the carbonate scales from the heat exchangers and cooling towers/boilers. The action of this product is alike of any concentrated acid. However the difference is it doesn't affect to any mental. It contains a highly effective ionization effect on the carbonate scales and needs a time of 10 to 50 hrs for the complete the task of descaling of any system.


  • It doesn't react with any mental and effect of this product is confined to the reaction with Oxides & Carbonates only.
  • It is non-hazardous to any cattle, human being, or any aquatic animal / plant
  • It can be applied with bared hands without hand wearing gloves.
  • It's non-corrosive to any metal and thus the product can be in circulation for a long time.
  • It can be utilized as supplement to H2SO4 or any other in OSKARA Organic acid so as to control the pH of water.
  • It can be kept at normal temperature and pressure without the risk of any hazards.
  • It doesn't release any smoke (which common acid or other de-Scalent releases) and therefore is an Eco-friendly product.
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