Heavy Duty Cooling System Cleaner Heavy Duty Cooling System Cleaner Heavy Duty Cooling System Cleaner
Heavy Duty Cooling System Cleaner
Heavy Duty Cooling System Cleaner Heavy Duty Cooling System Cleaner

Heavy Duty Cooling System Cleaner

Product Details:


Price And Quantity

  • 25 Liter

Product Specifications

  • Heavy Duty Cooling System Cleaner

Trade Information

  • 100 Liter Per Week
  • 1 Week

Product Description

Heavy Duty Cooling System Cleaner is a coil cleaning and maintenance product that is the most suitable for air conditioning & refrigeration system. This is ideal solution for HVAC, Cooling Fans, Cooling Condensers, Cooling coils, Cooling Racks, Fins, Tubes, Fan blades, Filters, Radiators and Evaporator coils.

What is the issue:
One of the key components / parts of any air conditioning and refrigeration system is the condenser. In summary, there are three major functions of the condenser are: reduce of high heating, condensing, & Sub cooling as well.

If a condenser gets dirty (dirt, dust, and debris collection) or fouled, minimal heat transfer can happen from the refrigerant to the surroundings. Blocked or Dirty condensers are one of the most constant service issues in commercial refrigeration / cooling and summer air conditioning sectors nowadays.

Cooling Systems get dirty with spot, dust, leaves, debris, pollen, and varied other deposits can despoil your plant of last output. And as atmospheric temp. raise, the effect of surface fouling will cost clients even more.

Microbes in air conditioning unit is the key offenders behind poor Indoor Air Quality are bacteria, fungi, & viruses. Fungi release spores as well as defensive toxins that combine with waste materials, and dust cells. Bacteria are responsive for the unpleasant odour related with dirty air conditioning system and, along with viruses, can cause disease in human beings by airborne infection. All of these pollutants are frequently pumped into the air by means of dirty air conditioning units.

What is meant by FOG
This is a composition of varied chemicals which are effective on different sorts of debris. Product comes in in a liquid form, soft texture and safe to use. It makes the cleaning easy. It performs as de oiling, degreasing, universal cleaner, carbon remover, metal cleaner, polishing compound on metals, soft scale cleaner, glass cleaner, air cooling system cleaners, mild rust cleaner, Isolator, dirt cleaner and air conditioning coil cleaner. It works quickly, and clean air-cooled heat exchanger equipment safely, effectively and quickly.

FOG is concentrate, prepared choices with convenient to follow guidelines Eco-friendly product. Advanced Engineering put forward a comprehensive line of products. With the special case of international products, this kind of cleaners are either formulated for outdoor or indoor application.


  • Regular usage of this product will help the user to attain constant efficiency level.
  • Help to reduce electricity bills and controls rancid.
  • It performs as anti-corrosive, and control Odours.
  • It will make better life of machineries.
  • This will support to keep up excellent service standard.


  • This kind of cleaning compound is a especially formulated with an effective combination of additives and penetrates in order to remove airborne particles, dirt, environmental pollution, oil & grease accumulation.
  • Utilized as an effective cleaning compound for air based cooling units and helps to make better the efficiency.
  • Powerful grease & Oil removing agent from the plastic & metal.
  • It is helpful for cleaning the cooling coils in chillers & air air-conditioners, it cleans filters to eliminate airborne  particles.
  • Performs as a carbon removal agent from the metal.
  • It works as a corrosion and mild scale remover.
  • Also performs as a dirt & dust cleaner.
  • It is an outstanding oil mix dust cleaner helpful for hotel kitchens.
  • Ideal for air conditioning equipment's or systems
  • Clean aluminium finned heating & cooling coils.
  • Clean-up instruments which is utilized in machinery and get dirty.
  • On Cooling-Coils, Condenser & motor radiators etc.
  • Useful for Indoor as well as  Outdoor cleaning.

FOG is useful for Industries such as:

Air based cooling systems

Crockery Industries

Cement Industries

Cement Manufacturers


Chemical Manufacturers

Shopping Malls

Metal job cutting Industries

Beverage Factories

Mining Industries


Multi storey Buildings& Apartments

Fertilizer Industries

Automobile Industries

Metal Industries

Service Contractors

Airline Industry

Air Conditioning repairing service center

Tire Industries

All types of other Industries where Air cooled system is installed


Or any other place where oil, grease, dirt & debris is a problem

SAFETY: FOG will not harm cattle, human, aluminum, steel, copper, or plastic as it is non-acidic, non-toxic, and non-corrosive, and can be utilized in food processing areas too.

Packaging : FOG is accessible in standard packing of 35 and 210 liters (blue/black polymer carboys.)

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