Green Algae Removing Solvent Green Algae Removing Solvent Green Algae Removing Solvent
Green Algae Removing Solvent
Green Algae Removing Solvent Green Algae Removing Solvent

Green Algae Removing Solvent

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If your to take experience the remarkable effects on Fungi & Algae in 30 seconds, our offered Green Algae Removing Solvent is the best choice for meeting the objective. This kind of solvent effectively removes Algae & Fungi from Pipelines, Condensers, Exposed Walls & Pillars, Tank Surface, and Wooden Planks of the Cooling Tower. The benefits Green Algae Removing Solvent are; improves efficiency of tower, faster cooling, reduction of power consumption and maintain cleanliness.

"ALGAE" is natural badness to storage water in diverse industries. Water needed for cooling in industries is flowed in condensers and several other cooling units. As there is great water consumption by the many for the purpose of cooling to circulate in autoclave, jacketed vessels, compressors, condensers, heat-exchangers, etc. and as they can't allow to throw the when exchangers, utilized water and therefore they store it in a broad open tanks over which cooling towers are installed. Water so exposed to sunshine and environment goes through Bacteria, Fungi and Algae growths.

Algae creates problems because it is added on (I) wooden planks, batteries of pipelines, etc. on which the water is splashed, (II) exposed pillars, walls, and other structures etc. and preventing the water carrying pipelines and its splashing holes from inner-side resulting reduce in condensers' efficiency or other cooling system's in appropriate heat transfer. As as result, industries suffer a lot.

ALGASININE-10 is a proven techniques that helps all industries to remove these unwanted microbiological get-rid (bio-film) developments such as Algae, slimes, fungi, and so on.

Applications are great in the areas of varied water based industries like Fertilizer-plants, Ice Factories, Cold storages, Steel plant, Petroleum-Refineries, Power-Generation Plants, Automobile Industries, Milk dairies & Chilling-centers, Milk-dairies & Chilling Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Chemical Plant, Textile plants, etc.

Procedure of Usage for regular dose to prevent further developments by ALGASININE-10:

  • Doses are dependent on the water's quality, and the kind of cooling system
  • Doses vary from 10 to 100 ppm/day.

Special Note:
The regular dosage of 10 ppm this solvent as mentioned in point no. 1 must not be matched with dosage of 20 ppm ALGASININE-10 therefore added to the fresh make-up water as said in point number 2 as they two treatments system is with a view to providing adequate maintenance attitude that is the weekly dose should be given without fail as well as the make-up water is to be treated for preventing bacteria available. Draining should be subjected to high level of dilution or 50 ppm KMnO4 treatment. The treated water is unique for industrial application only.


This solvent is easily accessible in two standard packing of 35ltrs and 210ltrs. Complementary Accessories accessible with any of the standard packing a hand gloves and spray pump (Absolutely Free of cost)


  • Available in liquid form
  • It is white to light yellow in colour
  • It is alkaline in nature
  • It is water soluble
  • It is phenolic in odour
  • It has exceptional property of killing the tissues

Green Algae Removing Solvent prevents wood from being decay, it is helpful in controlling bores & termites effectively once coated on necked wood or plywood and it prevents dirty smell of stagnant water.

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