A company to trust for purchasing Industrial Chemicals, Solar Equipment, etc, and availing Horticulture & Landscaping & Handyman Services, etc, is no other but ours...

About Us

Company that guarantees quality products and services at the same time are rare to found in current competitive scenario where business concerns fearing loss, initially starts to deal in single or fewer times more than one product categories. Dealing in both products and services which are different in nature (We mean oppose to after-sales services) is a challenging tasks for firms because that requires much deeper knowledge, market understanding, huge capital and human resources. But some firms sailed through such challenges and come out as winner. Our company, SAR Incorporation is one of such brave companies.

By operating as a Manufacturer of Automotive & Solar Chemicals, etc and Service Provider of Administrative & Hospitality Services, we have taken huge business risk because both are diverse in nature but this risk recently has turned out for us worth taking as we're getting enormous positive response from clients both for product's quality and well-execution of services. Algasinine-L, Bright-O-Clean Waterless Car Wash, etc, are some of our manufactured products which finds use in cleaning purposes. First is used in cooling towers, heat exchangers, etc for removing algae, slimes, scales and the latter is utilized for removing dust from the automotive vehicles. We have a  competent and efficient team of expert individuals working for us that aids in providing House Keeping, HVAC & Air Conditioning, Guest House Management Services to customers with utmost perfection.

Our Saying: 'Working With Precision To Keep Clients Contented'

Precision in work is very crucial because it increases the chances of that work turning out to be successful. In businesses, it is very important for people (Employees, business leaders and associates, etc), to do their respective works with utmost perfection to avoid hassles and satisfy customers to the fullest. Our company understands need of keeping preciseness in every business activity for smooth flow of work. To do this, our team members work in collaboration taking into consideration every aspect of diverse business operations. From production to quality checking, financial, marketing and shipment, each business activity is done precisely to attain 100% effective results. Quality work attracts customers and keeps them glued to our company.

Reasons To Choose Us
  • Excellent Market Understanding- We have deep understanding of diverse marketplaces. Before stepping into this vast industry, we have deeply fed ourselves with correct knowledge, behavior, nature and structure of several marketplaces.
  • Great Service Provider- Not in self praise, we're calling ourselves great service provider but this adjective 'Great' is linked to our job role by our customers who have availed our services and are successfully fruiting its benefits.
  • Swift Delivering Service- We have partnered ourselves with few of the trusted logistic companies which helps in dispatching range safely to diverse locations within stipulated time-period.
  • Laboratory Testing Of Chemicals- Hospitality And Construction Chemicals, etc which we provide are known for accuracy in composition and efficacy. To assure customers regarding our chemicals being safer to use and quality marked, we send them to renowned laboratories for rigorous testing. 
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