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Non persistent, Translocated Non-Selective pesky weed Killer

Non persistent, Translocated Non-Selective pesky weed Killer
Non persistent, Translocated Non-Selective pesky weed Killer
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Product Code : SIST-19116
Product Description

GRAMAIDO-SPRAY is a strong herbal Non persistent, Translocated, Non-Selective pesky weedicide or weed killer. Weeds directly hits the plants on contact or enters by means of plant system and harms the plant. This kind of spray is useful for post-developing weeds.

What is weed?

Weed is a kind of plant considered troublesome or unattractive, and undesirable especially growing where it is not required. These unwelcome plants develop in the farms where they play with the crop for water, light and space, soil nutrients, interfere with irrigation & harvesting tasks and ultimately become the cause of reduction of the crop yields. Also, they cause several varied diseases in animals as well as human. They also port  pests, insects, and many diseases. Removing weeds from Industries, garden/lawn and farms is a never ending fight.

Weed management with the use of herbicides is gaining notability because of several reasons, one of which is non-accessibility of agriculture labour. The management of weeds in the developing crops with weed killer enhances their productions and guarantees the efficient usage of irrigation, fertilizers & plant-protection measures, like the spraying of fungicides & insecticides.

The Issue:
Commercial weed removal / Industrial weed control: A lots of industrial fields have varied surfaces needing herbicide usage: typically turf, shrub beds, concrete, gravel, railway sidings and embankments. Generally all industries have certain particular places of field stated as safe zones, where there should be totally NO GRASS on the soil like: WEED or GRASS being fine conductor of electric power and prone to flame in proximity of extremely inflammable contents such as L.D.O., L.P.G, H.S.D,  Petroleum Solvents, Naphtha, Furnace Oils, Explosives And varied other Fire Hazard's matters. These kind of areas are needed to be kept free from vegetation totally.

Thus, it is also legal requirements from all government institutions like Industrial Health & Safety Department, and State Electricity Board etc. and their Inspectors do visit Industries in order to ensure the checking of grass growth, mainly in electrical yards or sub-stations where all inflammable matters is stored so as to avoid dangerous accidents due to predators, short circuit and/or fire.
Furthermore, existence of GRASS may prevent total security surveillance as undesirable factors  may find shelters in high grass also generally on Airport Runway, the GRASS may create danger against security or lighting.

Whether ones particular area of need is aquatic, airport, railroad, roadside or utility, industrial bare ground, SAR Inc. supplies excellent solutions to troubling plants management issues. Dedicated to the restoration, revitalization, and reclamation of sensitive field and waterways, we have products and professionals with a certified track record of results clients can consider. Our comprehensive line of innovative services & products comprises insecticides, herbicides, and spray indicators to support keep up rights of way, keep power lines clear of undesired brush, control weed development along railways, airport runways, and highways, and restore & protect field and waterways.

Keeping sensitive fields / farms weed-free:
Productivity and safety needs usually dictate that utility substations, industrial sites, railways, runways and highways be kept absolutely free from weeds. Our offered products provide season-long, bare ground weed management with just one usage, keeping away the expensive cycle of grow-back and re-treats due to traditional mechanical techniques.

Freeing waterways from invasive vegetation:
A lot of rupees are spent every year in an attempt to manage invasive water based weed species. Products specifically formulated to control liquid weeds as well as algal growth. In order to add our weed control series, our biological treatments and aquatic colorants aid to clarify water properties, and provide uniform naturalistic looking shade, resulting in making better visual appearance of water attributes.

Features and Benefits:

  • There are several factors why this may be required:
  • To decrease the counting of times the grass has to be harvested. This is a specific case on areas which are not conveniently accessible (that is next to motorways), or on broad areas.
  • To cut the cost of controlling grassed areas. Definitely, if the counting of cuts can be decreased,  thereafter this should generate cash savings.
  • In order to reduce the carbon footprint of grass controlling.
  • Sometimes farmers may wish to reduce the amount at which grass develops.

Why we eradicate grass/weed/unwanted plants from critical areas?

  • Removes the weeds and prevent the insects.
  • Reducing Step & Touch potentials throughout Short Circuit Faults.
  • Makes better yard functioning condition.
  • Protects from flame which can cause oil spillage from transformer and protects from wild habitat too.
  • Frequent herbicide usage will make sure that weeds do not become a flame hazard on gravel as well hard surfaces.

Repeated applications of a grass growth regulator can result in:

  • Reduced labor requirement.
  • Reduced need for mowing.
  • Enhanced root growth and increases root strength.
  • A tighter denser sword ensures minimal possibility for weed development.
  • Make better water usage efficiency and keep up plant health in the duration of drought.
  • It eliminates weeds after the vegetation are up & growing.

Weed Management is a desired for

Electrical Switch Yards (Gravel & Non gravel area)

Electrical Grid Sub-Stations

L.D.O. Yards

H.S.D. Yards

Petroleum Solvent Storage Yards

Furnace Oil Yards

Magazine Tract (in Ordnance Factories)

Explosive Storage Yards

Side land of Airport Runway (Shoulders)

Railway Siding Track


Other critical areas

Solar Power Plants

Solar Parks

Chemical Type

Contact herbicides only eliminate the portion of a vegetation where the herbicide is sprayed. This kind chemical is ideal to be utilized for killing biennial & annual weeds and normally causes plants to die soon.

Trans-located herbicides are soaked through a leaves or roots of plants. This kind works efficiently against everlasting weeds as the chemical attacks the entire plant, comprising the root system.

  • Contact herbicides are perfect for clearing ground.
  • Contact kinds do not kill everlastings but repeated usage may exhaust reserves.
  • Trans-located herbicides may take 14 to 21 days to work, or longer for woody everlasting plants.

For Agriculture

  • There are three techniques of herbicides application.
  • Spraying of herbicides prior to sow or plant of crop
  • Spraying herbicides just after planting or sowing of the crop that is pre-emergent spray.
  • Spraying herbicides after crop & weeds begin growing means post-emergent spray on the weeds
  • Choose herbicide to suit the above methodologies that is compounds which can remain in the soil, enters into the weed vegetation through roots and attack the weeds are to be utilized either as pre-emergent or pre-planting weed killers.

Suitable timing of such usages can yield important cost reductions apart from ensuring excellent Safety & Health accordance throughout your site.

Doses and Cost Advantages:

Area Covered (Sq. ft.)

Product quantity (in ml)

Water required

Price in

5000 Sq. ft

1000 (1 Liter)

20 Liters


1000 Sq. ft

200 ml

5 Liters


100 Sq. ft

20 ml

500 ml


1 Sq. ft

0.2 ml

100 ml

0.32 paisa

Process Advantages: Convenient to apply with less time and less manpower
Environmental Advantages: Environmentally Friendly and Biodegradable

Order Terms

  • Packaging Details: Made accessible in Standard packing of 35 and 210 liters.
  • Loading port: Indore, M.P, (INDIA)
  • Delivery terms: By road transport.
  • Payment term: Immediate.
  • Delivery time: 15 to 30 days as per packaging as well as order quantity.
  • Sample: 250 ml can be provided free of cost as sample for test quantity & quality. (Express fee has to be incur by purchaser).

Calculation Ready Reckoner:

1 hectare (ha) = 2.47105 acres (ac)

1m²= 10.76391ft²

1 hectare (ha) = 10000.00m²

1 meter approximately = 3.3 feet

1 hectare (ha) = 11959yd² 8.100000ft²

1yd²= 0.8361274m²

1 hectare (ha) = 107639.1ft²

1yd²= 9.000000ft²

1 acres (ac) = 4046.856m²

1ft² = 0.3048 meter

1 acres (ac)= 4840yd² 0.000000ft²

1ft² = 0.333333 yards

1 acres (ac)= 43560.00ft²

SAR Incorporation

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