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Green Algae & Scales Removing Solvent

Green Algae & Scales Removing Solvent
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Product Code : SI-1215
Product Description

Green Algae & Scales Removing Solvent is a single solution or product for all sort of cooling tower related problems. 

Best suitable when:

  • Cooling channel where < 3 compressor / condensers / PHE are jointed with an individual cooling tower or the gas utilized in the unit is Freon.
  • If the cooling tower's evaporation rate is < 25 per cent of the holding capacity of the tank.

Removes Rust, Corrosion, Algae, Slimes, Fungi, and Scales From

  • Cooling Tower,
  • Condensers & Pipelines of Heat Exchanger.
  • Exposed Walls, Pillers and Planks
  • Tank Surfaces of Cooling Tower.


  • Faster Cooling and Improves Efficiency
  • Stops early Shut-down
  • Reduce consumption of power
  • Maintain Cleanliness
  • Increases life of equipment

Usage of Green Algae & Scales Removing Solvent is found in the fields of multiple water based industries such as Power-Generation Plants, Steel plant, Fertilizer-plants, Petroleum-Refineries, Cold storages, Milk plants, Milk-dairies, Ice Factories & Chilling-centers, Chemical plant, Pharmaceutical Industry, Textile Industry, Automobile Industry, etc.

ALGASININE-B: A highly effective ALGAE and SCALES Preventing compound.

"ALGAE" is naturalistic evil to circulation or storage water in varied sectors. Water needed for cooling applications in industries is flowed in condensers and varied other cooling units. Water so revealed to sunlight and environment undergoes Algae, Fungi, Bacteria developments (Bio-films) and several other inorganic depositions.

"Scales" are formed / deposited in regular operation of Cooling Tower or surfaces & pipelines of Heat Exchanger where heat exchange is happening and water gets evaporated, leaving behind suspended & dissolved inorganic magnesium and salts of calcium. These salts in due course of time gets heavy
scales that limits the key function of heat exchanger & cooling tower that is heat transfer, which results in reduces in entire efficiency of system and enhances in power consumption as well as operational time.

"Corrosion & Rust" is another badness of learning life of machinery. Owing to existence of Oxygen (O2) in water and constantly circulated in the unit the level of oxygen keeps on enhancing inner-side the water. This kind of oxygen level promotes to the formation of cupric oxide, ferric oxide, and varied other oxides in varied metals leading to the rust of metal components / parts of machinery.

Dosage to limit ALGAE & SCALES deposition:- Utilization of ALGASININE-B @ 50 to 250 ppm per day to the capacity of the water storage tank of cooling tower (i.e. 0.5Ltrs of ALGASININE-B suitable for 10,000 ltrs of water)

Along with dosage as stated above also combine ALGASININE-B at the rate of 50 to 250 ppm to the amount of pure water poured to the tank on regular basis because the Make-up water ( i.e. 0.5Ltrs of ALGASININE-B to every 10,000ltrs of WATER so diluted as make-up).

ALGASININE-B is a proven technique that helps all industries to eliminate such undesired microbiological get-rid (bio-film) growths such as fungi, algae, slimes, etc. and deposition of Magnesium & Calcium Carbonate scales along with metal's ferric oxides.

Cooling Tower Applications:-

Industries Using Cooling Tower : :-


Chemical & Petrochemical Industries

Refrigeration & Chilling Plant

Dairy Product & Process Industries

Diesel Engine & Gas Engine

Plastic Manufacturing Industries

Natural Gas Engine

Paper Manufacturing Industries

Induction Melting Steel Furnace (Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metal)

Laminates Sheet Industries

Induction Heating Steel Furnace (Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metal)

Paints Manufacturing Industries

Plastic Injection & Blow Moulding Machine

Rolling Mills / Steel Plants / Metal Casting / Metal Forging

Water Cooled Air Conditioning systems & VAM Machines


Cold Storage

Resort & Hotel & Hospitals & Malls

Milk & Dairy Plants

Plastic Packaging Industries

Oxygen Plants

Rubber Manufacturing & Process Industries

Bio Gas Plant & Renewable Energy Power Plant

Pharmaceutical Industries

Electrical Power Generation Plants

Solvent Extraction Plant

Vacuum Pumps

Oil Refineries & Manufacturing


Agro & Agro Chemical Plants

Anodizing processes Plant

Ceramics Tiles & Glass Manufacturing Industries

Industrial/Hydraulic Oil Coolers & Press

Sugar & Rice Mill

Die Casting Machine

Food & Food Processing Industries

Water Cooled Air Compressors

Boiler & Turbine Plant

Textile Manufacturing Industries

Car & Vehicle Manufacturing Industries

Thermal / Solar Power Plant

Packaging of ALGASININE-L is accessible in our standard packing of 35 & 210 ltrs (black / blue plastic) carboys.

SHIPPING is provided by road transport within 21 days of receiving firm order.

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