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GRASX -Soil Treatment Chemical for Industrial Safety

GRASX -Soil Treatment Chemical for Industrial Safety
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Product Code : SIST-19115-C
Product Description

GRASX -Soil Treatment Chemical for Industrial Safety is an Eco-Friendly, Bio-Degradable, Non Selective, Non-Poisonous, and Non Toxic chemical agent. It is useful in removing existing vegetation and avoiding new germination for an ideal period of time. Also, this keeps critical field free from plants and prevents accidents.

Why we eradicate weed or grass from sensitive areas?

  • Removes the weeds and small vegetations.
  • Decreasing Step & Touch potentials throughout short circuit defects.
  • Makes better yard functioning condition.
  • Helps to protect from flame which cause because of oil spillage from transformer, and ensure protection from wild habitat too.

Useful for:

Electrical Switch Yards

Electrical Grid Sub-Stations

L.D.O. Yards

H.S.D. Yards

Petroleum Solvent Storage Yards

Furnace Oil Yards

Magazine Tract (in Ordnance Factories)

Explosive Storage Yards

Side land of Airport Runway (Shoulders)

Railway Siding Track

In the general way, all industries have certain particular places of field annunciated as safe areas, where there should be absolutely NO GRASS on the earth like: GRASS being the best conductor of electricity and problem to fire in proximity of extremely ignitable factors like Naphtha, Petroleum Solvents, L.D.O., H.S.D, L.P.G, Explosives, Furnace Oils, and several other matters of Fire Hazard. These kind of areas are needed to be kept free from vegetation totally.

As a result, it is also legal needs from all government institutions such as Industrial Health & Safety Department, and State Electricity Board, and their Inspectors do come to see Industries to ensure the checking of grass development, particularly in electrical yards or sub-stations where all combustible matters is stored so as to prevent dangerous accidents due to predators, fire and short circuit.

Besides to this, existence of GRASS may avoid complete security surveillance as undesirable factors may find shelters in high grass also particularly on Airport Runway, the GRASS may cause of danger against security or lighting.

Then what is a solution?

Our association has highly effective solution/chemical called Grasx is another name of safety or security, use this type of chemical and stops accidents, Don't let the grass be the factor of fire.

This is an exception soil treatment agent, which has exceptional feature of drying the green plants from the root itself, which removes grass development and several allied plants very efficiently.

Grasx when sprayed on unwelcome vegetation land, after diluting in water is soaked by the surface soil which make dry the present plants and the further task of treatment will check its germination for an sound period of time.

Characteristics of "GRASX" a Soil Treatment agent:
  • It is Bio-Degradable in nature, and is Harmless to Animals or Cattle if they consume.
  • It is Non-Poisonous, Non-Toxic and Environmental Friendly.
  • It doesn't Pollute Filed Water because of its non-poisonous property.
  • It kills all baby plant's to Bushes.
  • It does not affect any Earthen Material.
  • It is Non-Selective, and is accessible in liquid form.

GRASX is accessible in following strengths:-

  1. GRASX-S: For CRITICAL Grass
  2. GRASX-N: For NORMAL Grass
  3. GRASX-X: For DENCE, THICK, and SENSITIVE Grass Families
  4. GRASX-XR: For SHRUBS or THORNY Bushes

COVERAGE * 1 Pack contains 1 pa

  • GRASX-N: 1 Pack (1+2=3 Litre) covers 175 to 200 square fit of vegetation area.
  • GRASX-S: 1 Pack (1+2=3 Litre) covers 200 to 250 square fit of vegetation area.
  • GRASX-X: 1 Pack (1+2=3 Liter) covers 75 to 100 square fit of vegetation area.
  • GRASX-XR: 1 Pack (500ml+1=1.5 later) will cover one shrub/small plant.

We strongly recommended getting it done prior to come the rainy season so as to prevent any hard circumstances those days.

: By road transportation within 21 days of receiving confirmed order.


  • 1 hectare (ha) = 2.47105 acres (ac)
  • 1 hectare (ha) = 10000.00m²
  • 1 hectare (ha) = 11959yd² 8.100000ft²
  • 1 hectare (ha) = 107639.1ft²
  • 1 acres (ac) = 4046.856m²
  • 1 acres (ac)= 4840yd² 0.000000ft²
  • 1 acres (ac)= 43560.00ft²
  • 1m²= 10.76391ft²
  • 1 meter approximately = 3.3 feet
  • 1yd²= 0.8361274m²
  • 1yd²= 9.000000ft²
  • 1ft² = 0.3048 meter
  • 1ft² = 0.333333 yards

SAR Incorporation

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