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Algasinine B+ Chemical

Algasinine B+ Chemical
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Product Code : SIWT-18215
Product Description

Algasinine B+ Chemical is solid duty compound for cooling system. This kind of product is highly useful of effective against Algae, Fungi, Slimes & Scales. Having Strong De-Scalent, Anticorrosive and Anti-Scalents properties, this is a single solution or product for all sort of Cooling Tower related issues. Clients can get experience the removal of heavy scale even in the working condition.

This chemical can effectively removes ALGAE, CORROSION, FUNGI, SLIMES & SCALES from Cooling Tower's Tank Surfaces, Cooling Tower, Condensers & Heat Exchanger's Pipelines, and Exposed Walls, Pillers & Planks.

This is a certified method that supports all kind of industries to get removed such unwelcome microbiological (bio-film) developments such as slimes, fungi, algae, etc. and adding of Calcium as well as Magnesium Carbonate scales along with metal's ferric oxides.


  • Works as Anti-Foaming and a pH adjuster.
  • Improves Efficiency and Faster Cooling
  • Reduce Power Consumption and Maintain Cleanliness
  • Prevents early turn-off and increases system's life
  • Removes bad water odour

Usage of such chemical compound is noticed in diverse water based industries including Textile, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Steel plant, Petroleum-Refineries, Power-Generation Plants Fertilizer-plants, Milk dairies & Chilling plants, Cold storages, Ice Factories, Chemical Plant, etc.

Dosage to restrict the deposition of ALGAE & SCALES:-

  • Usage of ALGASININE-B+ @ 50 to  250 ppm / day to the capacity of the water storage tank of cooling tower (i.e. 0.5 - 2.5 Ltrs of ALGASININE-B+ appropriate for 10,000 ltrs of water)
  • Along with this dosage as aforesaid also mix ALGASININE-B at the rate of 50 to 250 ppm to the amount of clear water put to the tank on regular basis as the fulfilment water ( i.e. 1 Ltrs of ALGASININE-B+ to every 10,000ltrs of WATER so mixed as make-up).

This compound is accessible  in our standard packing options of 35 & 210 ltrs (black or blue polymer) carboys.

Shipping of this product is possible by road transportation within 21 days of from order.

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